Tedgar™ Inc.

is a chemical laboratory in the Haifa, Israel. For over 20 years, the company has been providing technological solutions for all industries, including the heavy and energy industries. Products developed in the laboratory are sold on the territory of both Americas and the Middle East. Recently, SAMROM CG., based in Vienna, has been introducing the solutions offered by TEDGAR™ Inc. in Europe and Asia.

The portfolio of TEDGAR™  Inc. includes unique chemical compounds in the field of ICP® nanotechnology (Intelligent chemical properties). Our laboratory avoids "mass production" focusing on solving current or unusual production problems.

In addition to unique solutions, i.e. intended for specific clients or commissioned research, TEDGAR™  has developed a family of products which is by far unknown in Europe.

The most typical cleaning and preserving substances offered by TEDGAR™ Inc.:

- TEDGAR-PUR™ - the only one  dried (cured) PUR-Foam cleaner available on the Global market!!!
- TED-ISO™ - efficient and clean units and tools to spray polyurethane ISO  foam.
- TEDGAR-GRAFFITI™ - cleans graffiti from every surface without the use of sophisticated technologies and equipment. Quickly, simply and easily. An alternative   for failing or expensive cleaning techniques such as sandblasting, ice cleaning, etc.
- TEDGAR-GUM™ - instantly removes chewing gum from even the most delicate surfaces (e.g. carpet, leather, etc.)
- TEDGAR-IRON™ - a neutral cleaner for electrical and electronic equipment.
- TEDGAR-STONE™ - cleans porous surfaces by penetrating deep into the structure of an object "absorbing" mineral and synthetic contaminants.
- TED-ROST - rust remover and rust converter in one. Incredibly efficient and extremely cheap.
- TED-GROUT Remover - cleans composite epoxy grout extremaly effectively.

All products are characterized by:

- Uniqueness - no equivalents or comparable products on the market.
- Versatility - used in virtually all sectors of the economy.
- Extremely fast reaction time (1 up to 2 minutes).
- Non-aggressive, some of them are approved for use in the food industry.
- No side effects, no damage.

Our technology is used by such corporations as Hago GmbH and Ruja GmbH.

One test explains more than a thousand words: Please visit;

 www.tedgar.eu where you will find photo documentation and a video.

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